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Next meeting

6pm Tuesday, 16th October 2018

Hosted by:
Catalyst IT
Level 3, Catalyst House
150 Willis Street
Future Meetings Schedule:

Monthly meetings alternate between the 3rd Tuesday and the 3rd Thursday of each month.

Scheduled Speakers

We have two speakers lined up for our October meeting:

  • Thomas Munro — Parallelism in PostgreSQL 11

    Thomas will be giving an overview of how parallel query execution works, with a look at some of the gory details that let you use multiple CPU cores for a single query in recent PostgreSQL releases.

    Thomas is a member of EnterpriseDB's database server team and has made a number of contributions to PostgreSQL.

  • Fehmi Noyan Isi — FreeBSD jails

    Fehmi will be talking about FreeBSD jails, an OS-level virtualization mechanism that allows running FreeBSD hosts in containers that share the same kernel used by the host system. It is a lightweight and mature virtualization solution integrated into FreeBSD base system back in 2000.

    Fehmi is a network engineer in telecommunications industry and has been using open-source software since the release of Redhat 6.1 with Linux kernel 2.2

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