Wellington Open Source Show And Tell is a monthly meetup for fans of all things open — Open Source, Open Standards, Open Hardware and Open Data. It's an opportunity to share tools, techniques and experiences and to learn from each other. Why WOSSAT? »

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6pm Tuesday, 20th April 2021

Hosted by:
Catalyst IT
Level 3, Catalyst House
150 Willis Street
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Monthly meetings alternate between the 3rd Tuesday and the 3rd Thursday of each month.

The following meeting will be on Thursday, 20th May 2021.

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Our April meeting will feature ...

  • Sam Crawley — Data manipulation with R

    R is well-known for its capabilities as a statistical language, and for its data visualisation tools. However, R is also very good at manipulation of datasets, including querying, mutation and reshaping data. In this talk, Sam will give a brief overview of R, and explain some of its very useful data manipulation features.

  • Tim McNamara — What is Rust and why is it interesting?"

    Rust keeps gaining momentum. It has been rated by Stack Overflow users as the most loved programming language 5 years in a row. But why? This talk will try to explain its continued rise. Come and learn the strategies that Rust employs that are applicable to all software developers

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