Archive of Past Meetings

This page lists speakers and talk topics from past meetings. Where possible, we've included links to things like slide decks, related web sites and, in some cases, video.

If you gave a talk and want to get your slides or links added here, just email Grant.

17 August 2021

David Thomsen Tovelund Puzzles
Patty Duong My motivation working in web accessibility
Kristina Hoeppner 1 of 97 things every UX practitioner should know

15 July 2021

Eric Jacolin MailCatcher
Michael Howard Keyboards suck, but they don't have to
Douglas Bagnall Notes on Javascript and WASM chess

15 June 2021

Pia Andrews Trustworthy public services
Kristina Hoeppner Espanso & Texpander

20 May 2021

Steve Barnett Oh my GAAD! (the wide world of accessibility)
Grant, Rob, David “Open mic” segment: grep, tldr pages, Wikimedia Commons …

20 April 2021

Sam Crawley Data manipulation with R
Tim McNamara What is Rust and why is it interesting?

18 March 2021 — Lightning Talks Meeting

Grant McLean SVG on the web
Tim McNamara Beautiful animations in n easy steps
Max Drake AutoHotKey Windows Automation Tool
Kristina Hoeppner Evolution of a brand
Tony Booth Nomograms
Tim McNamara Whitespace is a lie!
Carl Klitscher NZOSS GOVT FOSS proposal
Grant McLean Sudoku Exchange

19 March 2020

Aaron Chantrill The Naomi Project

18 February 2020 — Lightning Talks Meeting

Grant McLean Bookmarklets
Darren Bottin Raspberry Pi Vision
Alex Sharp Qubes
Steve Barnett The WebAIM Million
Eric Jacolin A home digital music player with Volumio
Shrividya Ravi Geospatial Analysis for Volunteer Conservation Groups
Tim Beale Code reviews
Tom Eastman Code formatting, Black and Git
Stuart McDonald Some audio looping effects
Martyn Smith Going Faster
Olly Betts Another brick in the wall
Reed Wade Fake files
Donovan Jones Documentation

21 November 2019

Mix Irving Welcome to the Scuttleverse
Zach Mandeville Song Islands

15 October 2019

Sean Buchanan Projecting Avalanche Risk onto Terrain
Simon Merrick Shut your pi-hole

19 September 2019

Max Drake 3D PDFs and Democratization of Data for Asset & Facility Management
Grant McLean Inspired by xkcd

20 August 2019

Fei Long Wang Building a production-ready managed Kubernetes service
Brent Wood A new paradigm for web data visualisation
Opal Symes You might not need gender!

18 July 2019

Simon Merrick Programming in Logic
Lucy Sinogeikina Learning to code by misusing bash
Dave Aldridge Password Store: Where to stick your passwords and stuff
Tim Beale Linux Kernel Development for Newbies

18 June 2019

Scott Rasmussen NZTA’s Security Development Lifecycle Tool
Douglas Bagnall What should we do with the SAMBA UI?

16 May 2019

Douglas Bagnall Generating video with recurrent neural networks
Jacob Lister Write your own browser DOM bindings in Golang
Shrividya Ravi Modelling walkability in Wellington

16 April 2019 (Sorry, this meeting was not recorded)

Thomas Munro A rambling tour through PostgreSQL
Tom Eastman Secateur

21 March 2019

Sadie Mills Mapping Marine Biodiversity
Paul Kennett Upcycling old Laptop Batteries
James Forman Hot Potato
Grant McLean Thoughts following the Christchurch attacks

19 February 2019 — Lightning Talks Meeting

Simon Nitz Storm Tracking using PostGIS & QG
Richard Hector Wrapper for SSH forced commands
Eric Jacolin PayPal REST API standards
Russell Briggs Kotlin is awesome
Shrividya Ravi Open Wellington
Grant McLean A CSS Game
Martyn Smith Don't write Javascript
Sam Crawley A small victory for OSS
Donovan Jones DNS & Security & Stuff
Stuart McDonald A bit of audio scripting
Olly Betts Quick Fix Tricks
Brent Wood TimescaleDB for Postgres
Aidan Houlihan MicroPython
Simon Nitz Open Source Geospatial Data Portals

15 November 2018

Rachel Lynch Design for non-designers
David Nind Koha and the amazing world-wide community behind it!
Grant McLean A random selection of command-line hints

16 October 2018

Thomas Munro Parallelism in PostgreSQL 11
Fehmi Noyan Isi FreeBSD jails

20 September 2018

Ellie Coyle A junior's tale of building and productionising machine learning models
Matthew Holloway An Introduction to Pattern Libraries
Hamish Rae-Hodgson Collision detection in a 48hr game jam

21 August 2018

Brent Wood NIWA's Marine Data Portal
Martin Krafft Stepping up the game against Web trackers
Steven Ellis NZOSS;

19 July 2018

Dmitry Shiltsov Teaching kids programming with Scratch & robots(!)
Tom Eastman Hashicorp Vault

19 June 2018

Kristina Hoeppner Matomo: Open Source Web Analytics
Carl Klitscher Home automation & FLOSS
aurynn shaw Technology can't save us - at least, not by itself

17 May 2018

Martin Krafft
Michael Fincham A Ramble Through BeyondCorp with some Ideas You Could Steal

17 April 2018

Hamish MacEwan Open Access and the UFB
Donovan Jones Keybase - Usable crypto

20 March 2018

Hiria Te Rangi Whare Hauora
Grant McLean TechHub in Schools
Karl Klitscher TechHub in Schools
Grant McLean Unicode as Performance Art

20 February 2018 — Lightning Talks Meeting

Fehmi Noyan Isi Apple’s new Open Source programming language "Swift"
Michael Coleman Alerting when long running processes have finished in tmux
Donovan Jones Cool tools
Grant McLean Ban polling
Kristina Hoeppner Who creates Open Source software?
Joel Wirāmu Pauling 10G+ in the home
Sam Muirhead Teaching open source collaboration (without computers)
Grant McLean Where to now?