Lightning Talks Meeting - Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

Lightning Talks Meeting - Tuesday, 18 Feb 2020

The February 2020 meeting of WOSSAT will be a lightning talk meeting and we need you to be a part of it! Here's how it will work:

  • Instead of the usual one or two long talks, we're aiming to have about a dozen short talks. Each one will be a maximum of five minutes long (you don't have to use all five minutes).
  • We'd like speakers to 'sign-up' in advance. Email with your name and talk topic.
  • One person can sign up for more than one talk so sign up early and often.
  • If you've never done a talk before this is a great place to start and you have plenty of time to get prepared.
  • Slides are definitely not mandatory, it's probably more important that you practise what you're going to say.
  • If you are going to use slides, you can streamline things by sending your slide files in advance so they're already available on the presentation PC. PDF, HTML format (will be viewed via Mozilla Firefox), or the 'Impress' formats are the most likely to work smoothly.
  • You can bring your own laptop and plug it in but if you are able to send your files in advance then that would probably be a smoother experience for everyone.
  • If you have something that's going to take longer than 5 minutes, great! You can do that one another evening :-) For this meeting, think of something that won't take as long.
  • Rants are good - it is interesting to listen to someone talking about something they feel passionate about.

What do I do now?

Email with your name and talk topic.

Lightning photo credit: axelle b